Meandering Soul

This day is done, I'm going home.
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eFrane is a 37 years old hag who has been programming since roughly 1998. Yes, you read that right. His first forays into coding quickly lead to dead-locking the family computer with a BIOS password. These days, he’s somewhere between being a full-stack web programmer, loving Swift and riding the Vala ride.

In his non-coding time he is frequently found torturing guitars or piano fortes. Some people say that the results are bearable if not of some artistic value. In the wilderness (mostly the urban one), carrying one of these bulky pro-photgrapher cameras tends to make him happy. Some of the results of the latter can be found at his flickr profile.

Meandering Soul

So basically, this website is the result of an accident. As some people may correctly conceive from my age, this is not my first foray into blogging or having some personal internet real estate at all. To be honest, I could not name all the places that were before this one came to be. But, to finish the story, the place directly preceding this used to be called “Warning Sign”. One day, I wanted to switch hosting providers and messed up during the domain transfer. Since that was already in the hay day of domain lurkers where basically everything gets “parked” by someone, the original domain was lost to me. Unwilling to pay astronomical amounts of money to some third party, I decided “hey, it’s time for a fresh start anyway”. After pondering on what to call that new blog for quite a while, eventually I found myself flicking to the song lyrics I wrote as a teenager and ended up at the song containing the following lines. The remainder of the story can be read (or found in the blanks between the posts) on this website here.

I’m going home
No time to lose
Take my meandering soul