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March 2024

Apr 2024

This month has seen a lot of code, very little Blender, this year’s first 5k run, Hamburg, long walks, long nights, hugs and kisses, a few reads, some music recording, and, most importantly for my mind, signs of spring.

I like winter. It can even be an enjoyable season. In the right place. Berlin generally isn’t the right place for winter. Berlin is a spring and autumn place. So each year, after what seems an endless drudgery of grey in grey with varying degrees of muddiness all around, the swelling of the buds first on the larger trees, then a little later on my Bonsai triggers a change in my mood.

I have now fully committed myself to learning Swift and Metal. So, a lot of my time outside of work is spent in Xcode. I am working on a few things that are eventually supposed to see the light of day but don’t quite feel ready to talk about any of them publicly yet. If all goes well, I will have done so before the next monthly update.

To make this a little meta for a second: These monthly updates are something I want to establish now. A while ago, Ash pointed me towards the concept of “Now”-Pages. Since I don’t see myself writing a lot on here for the time being but still want to keep some kind of public record on what I’ve been up to, this will be my spin on it. I don’t want a single page to be updated regularly though. So the deal is this: The latest now will just be my front page. Older nows will be in the Ponderings, hopefully amongst many other tidbits.

  • Published on April 02, 2024
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