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Bright Neon Fencing - Fool

Dec 2022

I published “Fool”, as always you can listen to it on YouTube:

I took you out
I gave you promises
I didn’t keep my words
I made a fool
Of me

I miss your words
Your soothing afterthoughts
You never failed to make me love you more
I made a fool
Of me

We were in love
At least that’s my story
My vindication for this mess I made
I made a fool
Of me

You cut me lose
You took your freedom back
I never wanted us to end like that
I made a fool
Of me


I still remember the first time that I saw you
You were a rainbow after weeks of thunder
The brightness around you never stopped to amaze me
Yet I messed up and now here we are

This is a bit of pickle, I don’t quite know how to proceed
There were good times, at least on that we can both agree
But tonight I must go and never look back
For all of the colours have left you

There’s a good chance we’ll meet again
A few years from now when I’ll not be me and you’ll not be you
Not the same as we are tonight, parting
But different, grown, less likely to drain each other

When that day comes and your rainbow shines for me again
I will not make the same mistakes again
But tonight I must leave and never look back
For all the colors have left you

  • Published on December 02, 2022
  • 256 words