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Bright Neon Fencing - ctrl_1

Jan 2021

Changes! Progress! Experiments! After being increasingly unsatisfied with the videos I have been piecing together using a combinatino of iMovie and Motion, I figured, why not use this “need” for an animated something every two weeks to finally get into Blender.

I have absolutely now idea if that will work out or not. I also have no clue about my style yet or if there will even be a recurring pattern. This is exciting!

  • Published on January 29, 2021
  • 79 words

Bright Neon Fencing - Lullaby of a computer-generated voice (Lyric Video)

Dec 2020

I published “Lullaby of a computer-generated voice (Lyric Video)”, as always you can listen to it on YouTube:

Go to bed.
Leave the world turning.
Count sheep.
Are you happy?
Get happy.
Get happy!

Fall into an ocean full of salty water. Dive through coral riffs that nobody has ever seen before. See fishes in their natural environment. Get satisfaction.

Climb up on mountains that are higher than the sun. Plant a tree on top of everyone. See them growing bigger and greener than every tree you have seen before. Go out through the door.

Walk over troubled water on bridges made out of fantasy. Swim under these bridges to reach your destiny. Fly a million miles high in the sky. You can. I'm shy.

Stay in bed.
Leave the world turning.
Count sheep.
There ain’t no tricks.
There ain’t no tricks.

  • Published on December 18, 2020
  • 157 words

Bright Neon Fencing - At the Docks

Dec 2020

I published “At the Docks”, as always you can listen to it on YouTube:

You said we should meet at the Docks
Where the products from everywhere else but here are brought in
And in my bag I had the usual things
A blanket, snacks and a bottle of white-label gin
Oh it’s been so long
This used to be our home

You were late but not fashionably
This wasn’t how I remembered your style
And in your bag all the usual things
A notebook, some pens; an opened bottle of gin
Oh it’s been so long
This used to be our home

But now this isn’t home anymore
This wasn’t home since you left me here
Standing alone at the

(This isn’t what you wanted to tell me
but I’m saying it anyway.)

This town can do fog better than anywhere
I’ve been chasing it since you left me here
Standing alone at the Docks

  • Published on December 04, 2020
  • 161 words

Bright Neon Fencing - Tiny things are harder to adore

Aug 2020

It’s weird to release a song that is already ten years old on the day of publishing. But this song, today, is. I wrote it ten years ago and never felt good enough at recording to put it on metaphorical tape. Now I did. :)

You ran away and took a story with you
Then you came back
The story was gone and so were you
Living in a wreck

And I don’t want to worry any more
About your happy face
It makes me sick seeing you there
Without a tear

I’d like to know
Why you put them away
Oh Anna why
Did you fish your happy face out of that box in the attic

Tiny things are harder to adore
The older you grow
You’ve got such a fragile
Little heart

  • Published on August 14, 2020
  • 139 words