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A mermaid.js Plugin for Vuepress

Oct 2019

Since the last time I wrote about integrating Mermaid with Vuepress the latter matured to version 1.0. With that came a much more refined plugin interface - or maybe that existed before and I just didn’t notice it in the docs. In the meantime, I have been implementing that previous approach in a growing number of documentation sites and figured that having this as a plugin to a) reduce the hassle of getting it to work to basically zero and b) stop copying a bunch of code around would be a good idea.

So, without further ado I present vuepress-plugin-mermaidjs. When you do the search on npm, you will unfortunately find another package named very similar (vuepress-plugin-mermaid). One might ask now, “eFrane, why didn’t you just contribute to that one instead, wouldn’t that have been the healthier choice for the ecosystem?” Yes, it would have. Alas, the GitHub Repository for that plugin is empty and it doesn’t have a readme and wasn’t updated in over a year. All in all, that feels like an abandoned package to me. So that’s why I decided to publish my take as a package. 

NPM Package:
GitHub Repo:

  • Published on October 16, 2019
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